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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ- These are the most common questions asked by you!
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  • What information is in the financial literacy class?
    The financial literacy class will include a wide amount of information that will depend on your individual needs, financial sitation, age, etc. All the information that you will learn about is backed by research and government informational sites.
  • Can a friend book at the same time as me?
    As long as you and your friend are attending the same training, all you need is to send an email asking to add people to your class. We can have up to 12 people in each CPR AED First Aid Class. Always remember you also get a discount when you book at least 4!
  • Can I set up a program for my school?
    Absolutely! We offer customized solutions just for this need. Please contact us directly so we can see what services would fit your needs best and to find a price that will work for your budget!
  • How do you prevent spreading COVID during your classes?
    All classes are designed with your safety in mind. We allow and encourage any participants to wear masks at anytime and we maintain a 6 foot distance during the majority of our training. Before and after classes, all equipment is sanitized and barriers are used on any items that are used more than one time.
  • What do I need to bring to training?
    For CPR AED First Aid classes, you must complete your online work if it is a blended class before showing up for the in person portion. Once completed, your online portion will send a confirmation email that you will need to bring with you. We will funish all other items for CPR AED First Aid classes. For Financial Literacy, we ask that you bring a computer with the ability to connect to WiFi.
  • How does booking work with CPR and AED classes?
    When you book, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours you will receive a follow up email that explains how to log into Red Cross Learning Center to begin your course work if you are taking a blended class.
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